The Best Child Locks for your Kitchen

If you’ve got a child who’s very inquisitive to see what’s inside your cupboards or drawers, then you might benefit from these useful child safety devices! At AJ Locksmiths Leicester we take access control very seriously, even with children, and so here are two really useful ways you can childproof your kitchen for less than £150. If you plan on getting one of these locks, then make sure you contact a locksmith for a proper installation.

Dreambaby Drawer Stoppers – Prevent Downward Tipping

If you’ve got a drawer full of stuff and are worried about your child pulling it out onto himself, these drawer stoppers can help. Simply screw a stopper into the back of the drawer, and it will catch on the upper lip of the drawer holder. This will only work if the drawer frame hangs over the drawer when opening

Your drawers can be full of heavy and sharp items, such as cutlery, and so a child pulling themselves up on this to take a peak can really put them at risk. This simple to screw on stopper to the back of the drawer will catch the back lip of the drawer, but obviously only if the drawer frame hangs over the edge slightly. You can usually get these for around £2.


Dreambaby Drawer Stopper


BabyDan Magnetic Locks – Invisible from the outside

This is great to add security to doors and drawers without effecting the outward look of them. It works using the magnet that turns the lock off, letting you open the door with ease. You can also get a clip to hold the key out of the little ones reach. These are normally around £15 on the high street.


Magnetic Child Lock


Final Thoughts

This can help you child proof your kitchen, and let your children explore without constantly worrying about whether or not they’re going to seriously hurt themselves on the drawers or doors. Of course they will always find a way to injure themselves, but at least this can be one less thing to worry about!

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