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Locksmith in Cosby

Locksmith in Cosby is a independent Locksmiths, and we are a family-run locksmith company. Therefore our focus is on quality lock changes and services.We are an independent mobile Locksmith service covering Cosby, Leicester and Leicestershire. We don’t charge call out fees even at evenings and weekends.

Locksmith in AnsteyNo VAT or call out charge

Our aim is to arrive within the hour to ensure anyone locked out will not have to wait long. We also do not charge any call out fees, and students and OAPs also enjoy a special discounted price.

No VAT or call out charge

We don’t charge VAT, in addition to no call out charges which saves you 20% straight away. Furthermore customer satisfaction is always top priority and we always aim to get to you within 1 hour.


Brands Locksmith in Cosby Work With

At Locksmith in Cosby our aim is to offer you the best service possible, and therefore only use well known and trusted brands. Yale, ERA and Union across the industry and across the Leicestershire area, hence helping us to give you the quality locksmith service that you need and deserve. In addition to these manufacturers we can also source products from other manufacturers. Customers can purchase less well known locks or security device that we don’t currently list here, furthermore please feel free to contact us as we may be able to source it from one of our suppliers, helping you to get everything you need from one place.

Locksmith Services By Locksmith in Cosby

New Locks

If you’re looking to add extra security to your home with some new locks. We can provide you with Locksmith in Ansteyvarious locks, including Yale cylinder rim locks, mortice locks, and uPVC mechanism locks. If you need some more specialist locks fitted, such as multipoints locks contact us.

Lock Fittings

We can fit locks you already own, or refit locks that may have moved out of place. If this is something you are unsure of, we offer a phone consultation to get to know your problem a little better, simply call us on 07729 554 332 now.

Residential Locksmith Services By Locksmith in Cosby

So no matter where you live in Leicester. Hence we can offer a domestic locksmith service for you in your home. If it’s a lock change, lock repair, door repair, window lock repair, or a home security problem weLocksmith in Anstey can help.If you own your own business, then we can provide a commercial locksmith service to you. We work with many different brands across Leicester to provide emergency and ongoing support. Including changing locks.

Commercial Locksmith

If you own your own business, then we can provide a commercial locksmith service to you. We work with many different brands across Leicester to provide emergency and ongoing support. Including changing locks.

uPVC Door Repairs By Locksmith in Cosby

Cosby Locksmiths offers a wide range of uPVC door fixing solutions. Furthermore we are fully trained Locksmith in Ansteyto fit, repair and replace door locks you may have in your home. After daily wear and tear, uPVC doors can deteriorate over time, causing a number of faults including a misaligned hinge, which occurs after the weight of the door has pulled on the hingesleicester locksmith Locksmith in Anstey and caused the specific alignment of the fittings to become offset. Furthermore over time it can put serious pressure on the mechanisms causing them to break, and sometimes locking you out of your door completely. It’s definitely better to get this problem sorted earlier, to avoid further complications down the line, avoiding a complete door replacement in favour of a simple door realignment. We can offer you a full service for your uPVC door, helping you to get your home safe and secure once again.

uPVC Doors – Common Problems and Faults

The main problems with your uPVC doors, will be the mechanism, which can be quite flimsy especially if you have heavy handed children using it daily, but you can also have handles that become limp or faulty, locks that break or keys that get stuck, and of course the hinges which we already mentioned.

Repairing uPVC Door Locks

The mechanism inside your uPVC door over time can fail, making it impossible to lock your door again. So if you’re having trouble with your door, then we can assist you 24 hours a day.

Services for uPVC Door Repairs                   Locksmith in Cosby

uPVC door handles and lock mechanisms – a common fault will be the flimsy handles. We can replace these with new ones. The door locks and mechanisms also rely on some flimsy materials, which often need replacing

Replacing uPVC door hinges

So if your door is not fitting correctly. It could well be the hinges, which we can replaced.

Parts for uPVC doors

If you know what you need but can’t source it. Furthermore we have suppliers of uPVC door partsleicester locksmiths. Which we can help you with, including hinges, locks, handles, latch, and mechanism parts

Door Chains and Safety Locks

If you want a security chain attached to your door. Then contact us as we offer chains and door restrictors / guards

Official Ultion Vendor

We are fully trained and officially given access from Ultion (Brisant) to fit and distribute Ultion Locks anti snap locks.
If you’re looking for an installer, or simply to upgrade the locks on your home, contact us today on    07729 554 33


Hidden Attack Lock

When Ultion detects an attack it activates Lockdown Mode. A hidden firing pin in Ultion’s core secures the central cam and stops the intruder being able to open the door.

Unbeaten in Every Test, Literall

As well as being approved by the Police and achieving the highest Kitemark star rating Ultion is tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with their highest standard. Sold Secure Diamond.

294,970 Key Combinations

Most security locks have only 5 or 6 pins. Ultion uses 11. This means that Ultion creates nearly 3 times the amount of key combinations required for the highest standard.

20-Point Drill Protection

Both ends of every Ultion lock feature 20 hardened steel pins and plates each one positioned precisely to protect your lock from a drill attack.

Commercial Service From Locksmith in Cosby

Often called out by landlords and property developers, who need to have locks changed . Also we can provide master key systems, and other specialist commercial locksmith services.
List of Commercial Lock business Access control – we can make it more difficult for burglars to gain access. Master key systems – our locksmith can supply master keys to help manage multiple locks.
Lock changes – our locksmith will fit new locks to the doors of your property.

Opening Hours for Locksmith in Cosby.

We cover all aspects of locksmith work. Our locksmith services also includes emergency lock outs, lock changes and repairs, damage to upvc windows and door mechanisms. Security surveys are also available to ensure your home is safe and secure.
Emergency Lock Outs
Lock Repair
Lock Replacements
Smart Locks
Security Survey

Locksmith in Cosby covers Leicester and the Leicestershire areas

We also offer a 24 hours 7 days a week service. This covers all types of locksmith work from, lock-outs to lock changes. We have a no ‘call-out’ fee, no fix no fee and a no call out charge policy. Furthermore our aim is to get to you within one hour. Customer service and value for money is our main focus.
Your call is answered no matter what the time day or night .

We will be with you as soon as possible( normally within one hour). Furthermore your security is our top priority. When you call you can rest assured that there is no hard sell. You will be speaking to a real local locksmith with the knowledge and experience to help you and we will provide you with a professional service that is supplied to you at an affordable price and a reliable service you can count on.
For more information about all the above services. In addition you can call us on 07729554332 For more information on Cosby Locksmiths or visit one of our other website

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