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Asfordby Hill Locksmiths

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths was founded in 2003, we have over 20+ years experience in lock repairs, security. As a family-run and trusted locksmith, we have built an excellent reputation for being straight-forward, and competitively priced.

We aim is to arrive within the hour to ensure anyone locked out will never have to wait too long. We also do not charge any call out fees, and students and OAPs also enjoy a special  price.

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths Leicester, our aim is to offer you the best service possible. Therefore we only use well known and trusted brands. Yale, ERA and Union across the industry and across the Leicestershire area, hence helping us to give you a quality locksmith service. In addition to these manufacturers we can also source products from other manufacturers.

Brands We Work With

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths provide expert installation, replacement and repairs services for a variety of locks, including uPVC locking systems. Hence we use only the highest quality locks, and offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs for residential and commercial customers. Furthermore we are always happy and available to advise customers about the options available and the prices involved. If your existing uPVC locks are in need of critical repair or replacement, we can help. Not only will we get your home secure again, but can offer ideas to further increase the security of your home.

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths Residential Locksmith Service.

Your home’s security is the most important thing in the world. Keeping your family safe and sound from outside dangers, and your valuables safe from the hands of burglars. If you need your security upgraded, or you’ve moved house and need some new locks fitted, our residential locksmith can help you get setup in no time, with a price you’ll find it hard to say no to. We’re a highly rated locksmith in Leicester, the best in the business when it comes to the understanding and workings of locks, and our extensive range of locksmith services will allow anyone located in and around Leicester to get their home locks upgraded in no time.

New LocksLockouts Asfordby Hill Locksmiths

If you’re looking to add extra security to your home with some new locks. We can provide you with various locks, including Yale cylinder rim locks, mortice locks, and uPVC mechanism locks. If you need some more specialist locks, such as multipoints locks contact us.

locksmith in leicester Lock Fittings

We can fit locks you already own, or refit locks that may have moved out of place. If this is something you are unsure of, we offer a phone consultation to get to know your problem a little better, simply call us on                  07729 554 332 now.

Lock Repairsunion locks

If your lock is faulty, then we can help. Furthermore we have experienced many different types of lock faults over the years, on many different types of doors.
uPVC door lock repairs
uPVC window lock repairs

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths uPVC Door Repairs

AJ Locksmiths Leicester offer a wide range of uPVC door fixing solutions, and are fully trained to fit, repair and replace door locks you may have in your home. After daily wear and tear, uPVC doors can deteriorate over time, causing a number of faults including a misaligned hinge, which occurs after the weight of the door has pulled on the hinges and caused the specific alignment of the fittings to become offset. Furthermore over time it can put serious pressure on the mechanisms causing them to break, and sometimes locking you out of your door completely. It’s definitely better to get this problem sorted earlier, to avoid further complications down the line, avoiding a complete door replacement in favour of a simple door realignment. We can offer you a full service for your uPVC door, helping you to get your home safe and secure once again.

uPVC Doors – Common Problems and Faults

The  problem with your uPVC doors, will be the mechanism, which can be quite flimsy especially if you have heavy handed children using it daily, but you can also have handles that become limp or faulty, locks that break or keys that get stuck, and of course the hinges which we already mentioned.

Repairing uPVC Door Locksleicester locksmith

The mechanism inside your uPVC door over time can fail, making it impossible to lock your door again. If you’re having trouble with your door, then we can assist you 24 hours a day.

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths Services for uPVC Door Repairs

uPVC door handles and lock mechanisms – a common fault will be the flimsy handles. We can replace these with new ones. The door locks and mechanisms also rely on some flimsy materials, which often need replacing.

Replacing uPVC door hingesleicester locksmiths

So if your door is not fitting correctly. It could well be the hinges, which we can replaced.

Parts for uPVC door

If you know what you need but can’t source it. We have suppliers of uPVC door parts. Which we can help you with, including hinges, locks, handles, latch, and mechanism parts.

Repairs & Replacement ServicesDoor Chains and Safety Lock

If you want a security chain attached to your door. Then contact us as we offer chains and door restrictors / guards.

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths Your Local Locksmith

Tony Richardson is an expert locksmith with over 20+ years experience and is fully dedicated to providing a friendly and honest experience for every customer in Asfordby Hill. Tony tailors each service to meet your individual needs and makes your security his top priority. Call Tony today on 07729 554 332 for help and advice.

Asfordby Hill Locksmiths are part of AJ Locksmiths Leicester

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